Chris started racing at age 15. He started with a 1977 Chevrolet Impala, which he ran in local bracket races, after a couple of years, he traded in the Impala for a faster 1979 Chevrolet Malibu, which he raced in super gas tracks all a crossed the mid-west. 

In 2006 Chris started the Bishop's Performance Motorsports Race Team. With racing for so many years already, Chris knew it was finally the right time to follow is life long dream. Building a race team.

Chris got to work, building racing transmissions for other racers, along with selling top quality parts, for the  unfortunate breaks that happen at the race track.

With helping so many other racers, and helping them fix their cars in between passes. The Bishop's Performance Team has been growing throughout the Drag Racing Community.

"The network we have been building over the last few years has made our Race Team a fun experience. It isn't about us just winning the race. Its about the relationships we build with our marketing partners. With teamwork great things will happen for everyone." 

Chris Bishop 

In the Summer of 2015 the Bishop Performance Motorsports Team,  visited Camp Ripley in Little Falls Minnesota   


“Chris is an all around good guy as well as a good business man,” says Kevin Kleinweber. “The more we are involved with each other, the stronger our bond becomes. As his business grows he helps us more and in turn we help him more.”

Kevin Kleinweber - Hughes Performance

Joining forces with Bishop was good fit. “We are very selective about who we partner with,” says Ridgeway. “Racers like to buy from racers so it really helps have people like Chris who are racers and engine builders sell our product.”
Dennis Ridgeway,
Owner of DRE 
(Dennis Ridgeway Enterprises)

Bishop's Performance Motorsports

Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop (Above)